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I've been dying to wear this skirt since my mom bought it for me a little while back. Do you ever refuse to wear a certain item until "the perfect occasion" comes up? I can't be the only one, lol. I wore it for the first time this Sunday on the last day of my staycation. Like most maxi skirts and dresses, it's super long for me since I'm only 4'11. Normally I'd have to get it hemmed, but having to pull it up over my baby bump allowed me to skip that step (for now). I'm even looking forward to wearing it as a dress. 
Tank: ok...so I promise the tag says Oscar De La Renta but I highly doubt that, lol
Belt: Forever 21 // Skirt: Lush // Sandals: Bamboo // Crossbody Bag: H&M
Mom Is Wearing
Dress: BCX via Macys // Shoes: Montego Bay Club // Bag: Micheal Kors
Here is my mom making a special appearance today! If you've been reading my blog over the years, you know I'm notorious for stealing items out of her closet - most of which I've recently returned. I have to say that my mom was the first person to make me fall in love with fashion. When I was a kid, I thought she was the most glamorous woman on Earth, lol. While I was growing up in Jamaica, she was known for throwing parties, and I would just sit and watch her get ready in the most amazing outfits. She's kept a few of her expensive sequin dresses, but she was so tiny back then - neither of us can squeeze into them now, lol. I promise those dresses are motivation for me to get in shape - I will wear them one day :)


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ZxM Fashion Addicts said...

you look stunning!love it!!!
check our blog and if you like it maybe we could follow each other.


Ro said...

You look super cute...your bump is all high so Im chaining my vote..2.0 is a GIRL!
Mama is fierce :-)

jewel said...

I love that you and your mom are close. Lovely skirt.

Ashleigh Nicole said...

Pretty prints! xo Ashleigh


Mrs. V said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! You are totally rocking the hot preggo mama fashion, you go girl! :-)

kimvan said...

beautiful luv the print

I BLEED PINK said...

Your mom is lovely!! I didn't realize you were so little, its always nice to find people shorter than me...my full 5'2 and all...LOL


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