9.11.01 Where Were You?

The last time I saw the World Trade Center was only about 3 days prior to the attacks. My parents had taken my Little Sister and I to Six Flags and I remember staring at it on our way home as we crossed the bridge back into New York. Such powerful buildings. I remember saying to my mom how beautiful they were. After the attacks mom and I ventured back into the city a few months later to see Ground Zero...it just seemed like a big hole. I was in the area again last year on a job interview...10 years later (at the time) I couldn't imagine this was the area where the Twin Towers once stood...

9.11.01 // It was the second day of my freshman year of high school. It was a confusing time for me...new school...getting used to my itchy Catholic school uniform...typical teenage angst. I was sitting in my biology class when I learned about a plane crashing into The World Trade Center. My brain didn't really get it. Throughout the day I remember classmates joking that we were safe from the terrorist because we were in Long Island. Terrorist did this? Leaving school I couldn't get in touch with my dad. I knew he was in Brooklyn, so I felt he was safe...I just couldn't reach him by phone. My sister worked in the city. Was she ok? By the time I got home and turned on the news I was horrified. I really started to understand what was happening. I sat in front of the tv and just cried. Mom worked in Long Island so she made it home regular time. Dad made it home from Brooklyn late night and I'd later learn that my sister was one of many who had to walk over the bridge to get home. My husband (who I didn't know at the time) was working his old job at an army base. He was not in the army but had the duty of transporting military personnel to and from Ground Zero. The stories he tells me of what he saw are horrible...he can remember the smells of burning flesh...he doesn't like to talk about 9/11 much...Like most New Yorkers, I was paranoid of airplanes for years to come. They always seemed to be flying too low and I couldn't imagine getting back on one. For months I'd have nightmares from the footage I'd  been obsessively watching seen on tv...so I couldn't imagine what it was like for those who were actually there. I was fortunate not to have lost any family members, but it's a date that will always brings sorrow to my heart. 

my deepest love goes to anyone who lost a loved one from in terrorist attacks 

New York will always have a special place in my heart...truthfully, if I were
to land an amazing job there I'd move back tomorrow. There's nothing like it.

Never Forget

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Jin said...

I can't imagine what it was like being in NYC on 9.11.2001. God Bless America!

Miss SP ❥ said...

Wow! Your husband is lucky he was safe from that!!! I cannot even begin to imagine how it must have felt to be a New Yorker during 9/11. Especially actually working in the WTC or surrounding area. It still feels like just yesterday that it happened... it doesn't seem like 11 years ago at ALL! God bless all of those peoples souls.


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