Outfit of The Day: WEEK 25!!!

Scarf used as Turban: Love Culture | Necklace: Forever 21 | Bolero: Love Culture | Tank: Hanes | Pants: Loved by Heidi Klum | Shoes: Yoki
I really tried some of those serious blogger faces...but it wasn't working out. Besides, I'm just getting more and more excited as each week passes, so my faces looks like this pretty much all the time. I wore this outfit to pick up my sister from school and get my business cards printed. As I continue to have less clothes available in my wardrobe that continue to grow with me, I go for comfort first while hoping to look decent. All these items are simple basics pulled together by my everyday cheetah loafers and turban, the only maternity item being the pants. While I'm not big on maternity clothes, pants are a necessary as you need the extra room in the belly area. I actually really love these pants which I purchased while pregnant with Jolie and continued to wear before Grey even came along.

On the pregnancy front, everything seems to be going great. I can't believe I'm almost entering the third trimester. Grey is kicking up a storm and even refused to cooperate with the ultrasound tech during his Fetal Echocardiogram Test this week. While this ultrasound is one to check for heart defects in fetus' of high risk pregnancies, Grey managed to somehow to maneuver himself in a position to flash his private parts to the poor lady, lol. She kept joking that my son was a fiesty one and that he was winning the battle. After tracking him down, and having to move me around to try to find him, it was determined that his heart looks great. Thank you Jesus! 

How far along: 
 25 Weeks (in the photos) - 25 Weeks and 1 day when this posts

Total weight gain/loss:  
10 lbs (I'm shocked, thought the number would be higher)

 I only got about 4 hours sleep last night...my Snoggle helps me to
 find a good position, but I'll wake up a random times during the
 night for reason with no urge to go back to sleep

Food cravings:  
Anything with lots of carbs and 
cheese - ie. pizza, chicken parm and baked ziti

Best moment this week:
  Having the Fetal Echocardiogram go well - there's
 no sign of abnormalities in his heart

He's been moving alot, but yesterday morning at 2am he was
 going through something. I've never felt this movements that strong before.


Labor signs: 
No! Thank God!

Belly Button in or out:  
In...doesn't look very sexy through my clothes...looks like a dent :/

What I miss:  
Blue cheese...if I could have some buffalo wings with blue cheese right now...

What I am looking forward to:  
Entering the third trimester, it's new territory for me,

Passing Week 23, the week when my last pregnancy ended

Weekly Wisdom:  
Calm down

Trouble sleeping and sight of uncooked meat made me nauseous this week

Out of control...I've had random bursts of tears just about
everyday this week

...uuuhhh there's really a baby in there

Since finding out about this new baby, I've been so focused on passing Week 23. As that week came closer and closer, I kept trying to figure out how I even dealt with all the chaos surrounding Jolie's birth. Sometimes we don't realize how strong we are, and even long after it's over, you look back still trying to comprehend how you did it. Yes I'm getting the injections every week, but I still worry about the baby coming too early. At 23 Weeks, Jolie only had a 10-30% chance of surviving so passing that point has been a major mental milestone for me. Just getting to the 24th week means a 40-70% survival rate...but I'll be damned if this kid thinks he's making his grand entrance any time soon. 

...so now that Week 23 has passed, I needed a new goal to focus on. Uuuuhhh. how about the fact that Grey is actually showing up in just a few short months???? Oh shoot !!! I'd been so focused on nothing but Week 23 that I didn't realize how fast this whole thing was going. The third trimester is staring me in the face! What's going on around here? When did this happen? 

I was sitting in the bed one day, and when I looked to the left and realized that there would be crib against that wall soon, with an actual baby in it...I may have had a small panic attack. Ok I freaked out! Of course I want this baby and want nothing more in the world than to be a mother, but I've never been on the other side of pregnancy. I know what labor and delivering feels like...but to actually bring a baby home...I don't know what that part feels like. I have lots of experience with my little sister, my nieces and everybody else's kids...but as any mother knows, it's different when the child belongs to YOU and YOU are responsible for their every need until they become of age. And even after that, you're still mother. I'm up for the challenge but to know that I'll be given the opportunity sooner rather than later, I got a little overwhelmed. 

It seems that worrying is a natural thing for any new mother. You want to be the best parents possible and raise amazing humans that go off into the world with something to contribute. You don't want them to hurt, you don't want them to miss out on opportunities, you want to be able to provide and give them a better life than you've ever had...simply, you just want to do a good job. I can't be the only to ever feel that way.

In addition to the normal fears of becoming a parent, the Husband and I are trying to spend as much alone time as we can - though that's next to impossible with him working 12-15 hour days, 6 days a week. I'm glad we at least got to go to Naples because it's not looking too good to have a Babymoon. Then there's the goal of purchasing a home for our little family by the time this lease is up. There's just a lot of new things on the horizon around these parts and it's so exciting, but quickly me realize that I'm really grown out here, lol. God has been doing some amazing things in my life since I've decided to completely let him guide me and stop trying to figure it all out by myself. 

God is good.

...and I have to thank you for all the Baby Boy name suggestions, keep em' coming!

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...Some Things

- I've made it to the 24th week! Can you believe it? This is the most pregnant I've ever been...I feel as though I've passed a major hurdle in this pregnancy and am now starting to relax a little bit. The baby shower is coming up ssoooooo quick, I can't even believe it! I feel as though I should be stressed about it, but I just feel as though everything is going to be perfect. I'm not worried about it...although I probably start to panic as the day gets closer, lol.

- ....so we've decided to change the baby's name. We've been dead set on the name Greyson, and have been calling him by that name before he was even conceived...but it's not happening anymore. Not to mention to that we did include his name on the invites...but that's no longer his name, lol. I'll explain it to my family eventually...although I'll probably call him Grey anyway. Jamaican people have a weird penchant for that. For example it wasn't until a few years ago that I realized my Uncle Gary's name is actually Andrew and my sisters nickname growing up was Keisha although her name is Nicole. I don't really know what that's about but it looks like that my be the case with my kid also. The name change comes from wanting to give our special gift a name that has more significant meaning. Although I'm obsessed with the name Greyson, "son of the gray haired man" doesn't quite express what he means to us or the person we hope he'll become. More than likely he'll end up with a name from the Bible, however I'm trying to find a name that isn't too common.

- I'll probably never comb my hair again now that I got this turban thing down

- I've realized that self-employment is the only route for me once the little guy gets here. I just can't see myself going to sit in a cubicle...I don't want anyone telling me what to do and I like to be in control of what I do with my time during the day. I've never had a problem with hard work, but I'd rather do that hard work for myself in hopes that I can eventually create some sort of professional platform for my family. Couple that with the fact that South Florida is very limited in careers that I'm actually interested in - I have no choice but to create the career that I want or settle. Entrepreneurship will definitely have it's challenges, but it's worth it for me. I've dabbled over the past few years with a freelance makeup business and a cupcake business but I'm ready to go full fledged. I'm in between two concepts, so we'll see which one will come to fruition.

- I'm running out of things that I like to eat

- ...did I mention that the baby shower is like...now?

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Outfit Of The Day + Love Culture Haul

Scarf: Love Culture // Dress: Love Culture // Crossbody: Nine West // Loafers: Yoki // Lippie: Berry Haute by Revlon

There is nothing that I appreciate more these days, than comfortable clothing...if I have to wear any at all, lol. I was finally forced to purchase some new items, as I'd completely grown out of the 99% of the garments in my closet.While visiting Love Culture for the first time last week, I spotted this maxi for only $14.95 and made sure to grab it in 3 out of the 4 colors that it was available in. I sported this effortless look around town on Friday while lunching with the Husband and delivering baby shower invitations. 

I picked up a few other items from Love Culture that I'd love for you to see by watching my 1st Haul Video...

Let me know what you think!
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22 Weeks of Pregnancy

I finally got my pregnancy recap video up after some technical difficulties last night. In this video:

I show you the 17-P injection
Show you my invitations and share my secret to affordable invites for any occasion 
Share my centerpiece ideas
...and some other stuff.

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Today's Sono

had another amazing sono today!
little guy is perfect and now weighs 1 pound 4 ounces
i'd share photos but the ultrasound tech had awful photography skills (lol)
but most importantly, all is well and he's perfect
and more great news for me...
my cervix continues to measure correctly so it doesn't look as though i'll need the cerclage

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22. 5

Cirque Du Bebe // MY INVITATIONS

Finally! They're done! During a random trip in Michael's I found the perfect invitations to go with my Cirque Du Bebe (French Circus) theme. I found a 30 count box on clearance for only $10, unfortunately, I left them because the gender hadn't been confirmed as yet (though in my mind, I knew it was a boy). Once the ultra sound did confirm what I already knew, I got to Michael's as soon as I could. Lucky for me they still had two boxes left and I only needed one. I'd purchased a box of these Brides invitations for my wedding a few years ago, so I was happy to find a theme that went with my shower. I love that I can have custom looking invitations without that custom price, ok! :)

One of my BFF's helped me with all the wording and the Husband helped me with my printing issues. I'm in love with the outcome of the invites and even more so with the price - but the assembly was so tedious. Stringing up the paper, gluing down six flags on each invite...ugh. I sat in bed for 2 days slowly putting these things together until Kimi came over to help me speed through it. Thanks again cousin!

Now that the venue has been booked and (some) invites are out, it's starting to hit me that this is really happening. I'm having a baby shower...and a baby lol. Next up, I have to start working on my center pieces and some time next month I'll have to find something to wear that doesn't make me look like a old pregnant woman...for some reason my cousin finds it hilarious when I say that, lol. 

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9.11.01 Where Were You?

The last time I saw the World Trade Center was only about 3 days prior to the attacks. My parents had taken my Little Sister and I to Six Flags and I remember staring at it on our way home as we crossed the bridge back into New York. Such powerful buildings. I remember saying to my mom how beautiful they were. After the attacks mom and I ventured back into the city a few months later to see Ground Zero...it just seemed like a big hole. I was in the area again last year on a job interview...10 years later (at the time) I couldn't imagine this was the area where the Twin Towers once stood...

9.11.01 // It was the second day of my freshman year of high school. It was a confusing time for me...new school...getting used to my itchy Catholic school uniform...typical teenage angst. I was sitting in my biology class when I learned about a plane crashing into The World Trade Center. My brain didn't really get it. Throughout the day I remember classmates joking that we were safe from the terrorist because we were in Long Island. Terrorist did this? Leaving school I couldn't get in touch with my dad. I knew he was in Brooklyn, so I felt he was safe...I just couldn't reach him by phone. My sister worked in the city. Was she ok? By the time I got home and turned on the news I was horrified. I really started to understand what was happening. I sat in front of the tv and just cried. Mom worked in Long Island so she made it home regular time. Dad made it home from Brooklyn late night and I'd later learn that my sister was one of many who had to walk over the bridge to get home. My husband (who I didn't know at the time) was working his old job at an army base. He was not in the army but had the duty of transporting military personnel to and from Ground Zero. The stories he tells me of what he saw are horrible...he can remember the smells of burning flesh...he doesn't like to talk about 9/11 much...Like most New Yorkers, I was paranoid of airplanes for years to come. They always seemed to be flying too low and I couldn't imagine getting back on one. For months I'd have nightmares from the footage I'd  been obsessively watching seen on tv...so I couldn't imagine what it was like for those who were actually there. I was fortunate not to have lost any family members, but it's a date that will always brings sorrow to my heart. 

my deepest love goes to anyone who lost a loved one from in terrorist attacks 

New York will always have a special place in my heart...truthfully, if I were
to land an amazing job there I'd move back tomorrow. There's nothing like it.

Never Forget

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TWAS THE WEEKEND w/ Coldstone, Home Goods, A Birthday & Baby Shower Invites

1 & 2 // Over the weekend I had the most life changing ice cream experience of my life! The Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream with White Chocolate Chips from Coldstone Creamery should be illegal! It's the most delicious thing I've eaten in a long time! I'm not kidding when I say life changing. Heaven. 

3 // Racked up at Home Goods over the weekend and am so happy with our room makeover. In addition to some new stuff, we've also rearranged furniture in order to accommodate Little Bear's crib and anything else he might need. 

4 //  Week 22! Whoop Whoop!

5 // The most awesome Husband in the world celebrated his birthday over the weekend and of course I had to get the cake from Coldstone ( yea...I officially have an addiction ). We got the cookies & cream cake which was delish! Anyhoo, this guy is not really into celebrating his birthday...but after I annoyed him all day about at least getting a cake, he finally gave in. Last year I surprised him with birthday weekend a trip to Vegas...hopefully next year I can surprise him with something else and force him to celebrate his birthday like a normal person. 

6 // After my Breaking Bad coma last week where I spent every moment watching all 46 episodes on Netflix, I finally started the invitations. I managed to word and print everything on Saturday night with the intention of finishing assembly yesterday. However, putting everything together was much more tedious than I thought, my back started to hurt and then my aunt called to tell us she was in the hospital so we had to rush over there. She's ok thank goodness but she really scared us. I'm a day behind schedule now so I'm off to get back to it. 

How was your weekend? 


...the way you move

Tee: Old Navy // Skirt: Forever 21 // Loafers: Yoki // Bag: H&M
I don't know if this counts as an outfit post...but since I haven't done one in a while, we'll call it one. I wore this outfit today while on the short trip out the house with the husband. I'm in full nesting mode all of a sudden, so a trip to Home Goods was definitely in order. I was showing a little extra leg today, but hey, they're in desperate need of some sun. 

I'm officially in the 22nd week of this pregnancy and am starting to feel really pregnant - shortness of breath and everything. Not to mention my Bump has seem to have grown considerably over the past week. I'm so obsessed with Baby G's movements...it's just the most incredible feeling ever. At night I'll usually wait till he's done playing around in there before I go to sleep. I don't want to miss anything. He really responds to my husbands very loud and deep voice, lol. His dad has nightly conversations with him, and he definitely goes a little crazy in there during that time.

Please pray that I print and assemble the baby shower invites by tomorrow night so that I can send these things out, lol. There's only 8 weeks left before the big day...when did that happen?


My Perfect Nursery + 21 Week Bump Recap Video

I've found it! The perfect nursery that suits my aesthetic and the vision I had for my little one. While in the waiting room this morning, I was browsing the latest edition of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine when my mouth almost fell on the floor. The prices for these pieces are way out my budget, but I'll be keeping this photo for inspiration. Gray is actually my favorite color, so I was immediately pulled in. I won't be doing the traditional blue thing. Baby G won't be having his own nursery for a while but this will work perfectly for our current bedroom where he'll be staying. Our bedroom furniture is white, so I'll be able to incorporate this look and the colors very easily. I actually had a gray crib picked out for him, but now I'm kinda diggin' the wood...decisions, decisions...

On another note, here's my recap video for my 21st week of pregnancy. But before you watch, please know that I've appreciated all the emails, comments and facebook comments of concern regarding my hospital visit earlier this week. Thank you so much. Enjoy the video: 

In this video I show you the baby shower venue, share the gift bags
and rant about frustrations with doctors who don't listen.

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spending Labor Day in the Labor & Delivery ward (...but don't panic)

the irony.

But not to worry, all is well and the bun is still in the oven. I'd been feeling a little discomfort that was similar to the pain I felt around this same time with Jolie. Not wanting to take any chances, I headed over to ER to get checked out and was then taken to "Labor & Delivery". I did have a small meltdown while I was registering because I had the same issues with Jolie right before she was born and this was how it all started. I saw the little baby bed and started crying, because the last time I'd seen one, the nurses were bringing my deceased daughter to me so that I could say good-bye. Luckily my husband was by my side to comfort me and kept assuring me that everything was ok, although I could tell he was putting on a brave face for me. After registration I got changed and was asked a bunch of questions. Despite Baby G moving away away from the monitor, we were able to get his heart beat. I was then hooked up to another monitor that was supposed check for contractions. Just like his sister, this little guy tried his hardest to kick the machine off my belly. The whole thing was a flashback from last summer. After a few tests and some time on the monitor, it was determined that I'm dehydrated and have yet another infection. (sigh). After some more time on the monitor to make sure I wasn't contracting, I was given antibiotics and Baby G's heart rate was checked one more time. Finally we were discharged after being given tons of instructions. 

I've been instructed to take it even easier, if that's possible. Lay down, feet up, a gazillion gallons of water everyday, limit stairs, try to only get up for food and bathroom breaks. So here I am in bed continuing my "Breaking Bad" Netflix marathon that I started yesterday and continued through my duration in the hospital (thank goodness for iPhone's). I live on the 3rd floor of a building with no elevator, so someone is helping me with the few things I have to leave the house for. And of course, the Husband has stocked my bedside and fridge with plenty of water so that I can stay hydrated. Kim threatened to keep calling me to make sure I'm drinking water, my best friend who is in nursing school is giving me lots of tips...basically every one is staying on my back to make sure that I get better. I love my support system...although they're a little extra sometimes, lol. 

In the end, I'm glad that I've found a hospital that it ranked very high in obgyn and maternity services and has a level 2 & 3 NICU (just in case). Unlike where I received my treatments for Jolie, they always seem to find what ever problem I'm complaining about and are able to quickly give me treatment. Clearly I'm no doctor, but I feel as though what happened yesterday contributed to why I went into labor so early with Jolie. Had they found the issue when I initially went in, maybe she would still be here. I still struggle with anger towards that hospital staff as I felt like they never listened to be and ultimately failed me. However, it was still a learning experience and now I know what to look out for. Such is life. 

but i'm good.

...and God is good.

Take Care,

ps // catch up on my week 20th week pregnancy recap here!

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Baby Steps

I got two major things accomplished over the weekend - booked the venue for my shower & completed my registries. 

The location I chose for the shower was actually one of the two spaces I was stuck between for my wedding. Because the number of guests won't be near as many as I had for my wedding, it's a more affordable option this time around. However, it's definitely more expensive than having it at my moms house, lol. I know for sure that someone is going to think I went a little overboard - but after all I've been through and how much I prayed for this baby, I'm going to celebrate the exact way that I want. Besides, having the venue take care of many of the details takes a load off my shoulders as my energy tends to fluctuate throughout the day and I don't have tons of help. 

I didn't find a menu that worked well with my theme, so the chef created a custom menu for myself and my guests that I'm absolutely in love with. I plan to create my invitations this week and once those are mailed out, I'll begin to work on my decor. One of my BFF's has volunteered to host to the shower and moderate all games, while Cousin Kimi is in charge of music. With the venue taking care of the bigger details, I'm not stressed about the event at this point...but I'm dreading the RSVP's (the worst part of planning any pay-per-plate event). 

Another big thing we crossed off the list this weekend was creating the registries. We decided on both Babies'R'Us and Target. I was initially excited about it, because there's nothing like going into a store and scanning stuff, but it definitely wasn't as fun as when we did our wedding registry

Babies'R'Us Baby Registry Experience //
- First things got off to a bad start because as soon as I started filling out the paper work, I got hungry. I can't function when I'm hungry - I couldn't even remember our address. The guy helping us has clearly become accustomed to crazy women, as he suggested I get something to eat and come back - he was super nice. He did his best not to make me feel like the nutcase that I become when I need food

- During my wedding registry, we had a consultant who walked with us during the entire experience with us. He explained everything, answered all our questions and knew everything about every product. This wasn't the case at Babies'R'Us as that wasn't available to us. For someone doing this the first time, it's an EXTREMELY overwhelming process, and it would have been nice to have someone helping you sort through the different brands and explaining the products. However, sales associates were available if we had any questions.

- Uuuummmm did you know that wheelchairs are available for pregnant people at Babies'R'Us???? I didn't. I was offered one while I registered but the husband refused to push me around it, lol. Refused! I wish I did take it though, my feet and my back were killing me by the time I was done - I'm definitely getting it in next time I go there. 

- Overall it was ok...but overwhelming...my Lord, they really have everything you need...but they should have a consultant 

Target ((ahem)) "Tarjhay" Baby Registry Experience // 
- Dear Target, 
I don't want to sit at a computer and enter my information into the registry myself...I'd like someone to do it for me.

Hormonal Pregnant Lady

- Target came in handy for products that we wanted, but found to be over priced at Babies'R'Us

- Perhaps it was the specific Target I visited, but the baby selection was extremely limited. It looks as though I'll have to complete it online. I'm not a very savvy online shopper - I need to touch, feel and inspect the quality...so I was a little disappointed about that part. I know that Target is not a specialty store for babies, but I was under the impression that they'd have more to choose from.

 . . . 

So there you have it! This shower is actually underway. To be honest, I was
 initially nervous about even having a shower, but I'm glad I'm pushing through my fear. I'm so excited!

Don't forget to check out my 20 Week Pregnancy Recap
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Take Care,

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