WEEK 29 | Down To The Wire

Yesterday I headed over to my baby shower venue to give my final guest count, make my final payment and hand in the cupcake wrappers that I wanted to be used. My mom hadn't been there since years ago when this place was a contender for my wedding, so I had to show her the new room that was built where my event will be held. The room was set up beautifully for a wedding that was to be held last night, giving us a good idea of how the space will look. I can't believe the big day is almost here and family arriving from out of town as soon as Friday - I feel as though I'm getting married all over again, lol.
My hormones started taking over yesterday as I couldn't find anything I needed for my gift bags nor the helium tank. I got a few suggestions on my Facebook on where to find one, so I'll be calling around today before I start driving arond town like a mad woman.
I finally got the Husband to put  second coat of spray paint on the picture frames - one more thing that I can cross off the list. If they're dry enough by this afternoon I can finally cut out my pictures and put them in.

I'm in full planning and hostess mode this week. There's so much to do and I can't wait for the weekend!

It's Week 29 !!!

I don't even know what to say about week 28 except that I went by FAST! How is it already Friday, much less almost November? Is the rest of the pregnancy going to fly by like this? If so, I may get a little more nervous. A week from today, family and friends will start arriving in town for my baby shower - I can't believe it. Speaking of baby shower, here's a sneak peek of the outfit that I worked so hard to find:

The most challenging part of this week was the ridiculous amount of back pain that I was experiencing. One morning, the pain was so bad that it woke me out my sleep around 2 am and I couldn't get anymore rest for the remainder of the day. Luckily, I finally got some relief today, as it seems as though Baby Grey has changed his position. 

The fact that Grey will be here in the next 11 weeks is blowing my mind. His crib which we'll be putting together this weekend, arrived yesterday and I'm dying to rip the box open!!!  Otherwise, I'll be wrapping up these last few shower details while still trying to get lots of rest. Everyone keeps telling me to get as much rest as possible before the baby gets here, though it's quite the challenge nowadays with my huge baby Bump. In any event, I just feel Blessed and God is giving me this second chance at motherhood.

Have a great weekend everyone :)

WEEK 28 | Twist Results x Life and Health Updates

28. 2

The results from the last weekends twist out was better than I could have imagined. Amen to Ily Beauty Co. Adore Conditioner for detanging, the African Pride: Curly Bouncy Pudding for definition and the Entwine Couture Argan Oil for being a nice finisher as well as assisting with unraveling the twists. The definition was out of this world, and I love that the curl pudding comes in a decent sized container so that I can lather it on my hair that is so prone to dryness. 

In other news, I haven't heard back from my doctor, so it doesn't look as though I have Gestational Diabetes! They said if I didn't receive a call by Monday, I was good and it's now Wednesday! Woohoo! However, I did over exert myself on Sunday while walking around the mall looking for my baby shower outfit and my lower back has been hurting ever since. I'd been searching for an outfit for what seems like eternity. Between the fatigue I was experiencing and my hunger going from 0 to 60 at any given moment - the experience was hellish. I was even desperate enough to try some maternity collections (Jessica Simpson's wasn't that bad) and you know my qualms with maternity clothes lol...though it's hard to discriminate at this stage in the game, lol. I initially gave up and bought this dress but when my mom saw it she was like...."uuuhhhhhhhh no". Granted, it's a cute dress but I didn't love it either, I just wanted to shopping experience to end. After going back to Forever 21 on Sunday, I found an outfit in the plus size section to accommodate the bump and was able to return what I'd purchased the week before. I'm so in love with my outfit that I put together and tried on in the middle of the store, lol. That's how over it I was...I didn't even want to go back into the fitting room.

...and speaking of baby shower...still haven't ordered my cotton candy favors or secured the helium tank to make the centerpieces. You're probably tired of me still having those two things on my do- to list, as the big day is now only a week and a half away. I got a chance to order Baby Grey's crib as it finally came back in stock! Finally! Being the genius that I am though...I forgot to order the mattress ((slaps forehead)).  But that's not hard to come by, I still have some time to pick one up.

[TANGENT // I'm currently watching Eddie Murphy's "RAW" as I write this post. I'm falling apart over here lmao]

On the emotional side of things, this staying home thing is getting to me again as it does every few months or so. Not saying that I miss slaving for people, but for a gal who is used to working full time in addition to having a freelance business as a side hustle...this feels strange. However, I realize that God is prepping me for the most important job I'll ever have - motherhood. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is where I'm suppose to be at this point and that I'm Blessed enough that I can stay home till Grey gets here safely. At the end of the day, his safety comes before anything else. Truth be told, between all the doctors appointments I have each month, 2 hospital visits for 2 different infections, a period of bed rest and a 4 day hospital stay...I would have probably lost this hypothetical job anyway lol. I've been working on different business ideas, but the fact that I can't jump on anything immediately, gives me too much time to talk myself out of things and convince myself that it's not going to work. My mom tells me that I'm putting too much pressure on myself, that I need to enjoy this time and I'll know what to once Grey get's here. She's probably right...she's always right, lol. Success will come and it may be in a form other that what I initially planned. The next few weeks are going to fly by and all my focus should be on prepping for Grey, my health and trying to spend as much time with my husband before baby gets here. I'm going to try that. 

...and finally order the favors today, lol.


My Pregnancy Essentials & 2nd Trimester Wrap Up

We're in the 3rd trimester kids! 
In this video I bring you up to speed on the past few weeks and share 
my top 4 pregnancy essentials. And I even combed my hair today! 2 snaps for me! 



This week hasn't been much better than the last in terms of "feeling better". My fever is gone and the congestion is a little better...but I have absolutely no energy. Just like with the last pregnancy, turns out I have a slight case of Anemia again. That coupled with the remaining bits of the flu is kicking my butt. I can barely keep my eyes open or keep my thoughts straight over the past few days. 

Earlier this week I went in for my glucose testing, and received a phone call this afternoon that my results came back abnormal. Of course it would. Since I'm in need of more blood being taken as if I haven't had enough over the past week, I now have to go in tomorrow to do the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I can't eat or drink anything past midnight tonight until the test is complete tomorrow morning around 11am. As annoying as this screening is, I'm hoping that I don't have gestational diabetes as I don't need another thing to worry about over the next few weeks....and speaking of over the next few weeks, I only have just over 12 left before Grey shows up. The anticipation and nervousness (on my end ) is getting real around these parts. 

I did have a brief conversation with my doctor about my birthing plan. I told him no epidural. I went through the entire labor process with Jolie and lived to tell about it, so I know I can do it again. He was telling me about another other pain medication that can be given through IV, but he says it usually wears off towards the end. But if I remember correctly, that's the part that really hurts - towards the end when you barely get a break between contractions. If that's the case, I don't think I need that either. Au natural is my plan, but of course I'm open to a different course of action if things change.

Doc also made me note the fact that Grey is going to triple in weight during these last few weeks! Triple! This kid is all over the place - kicking, punching, tumbling, going for afternoon walks in my uterus...I mean really...

The Baby Shower is creeping up and I accomplished nothing regarding the event this week, although truly there's not much to do. I just need to order the favors and secure the helium tank for the balloon designs that my sister is doing for the centerpieces...and Papa Bear has yet to spray paint the picture frames as I've been asking him to do over the last month ( men ). Oh and the outfit...ugh...that's an entirely different story - I'm so annoyed...

More updates to come when I can remaster the skill of keeping my eyes open for more than 10 minutes at a time... :)


(gasp) I've found it! My ideal baby bag! I've been on the hunt for the past few months for my dream bag and I've found it in Coach's Ocelot Print Tote Baby Bag! My main requirement was finding a bag that didn't scream "baby bag" and of course the print just has my name all over it. Most importantly, I want a bag of good quality that will serve me for years and future pregnancies to come. She's perfect! 

...so I filmed a video with my husband and another couple about miscarriage

In October 1988, President Ronald Reagan declared October as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, with today October 15 specifically being Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. As this month pulls at my heart strings I randomly decided to record a video about couples and miscarriage. Along with my husband, my cousin and her husband, I filmed a conversation a few weeks ago about how miscarriage has affected our marriages. It's been on my youtube channel for a few days now, and I thought today was the perfect day to post it here. By recording such an intimate conversation between the four of us, I really just wanted to show other baby loss couples that they're not alone in their experience. Though we may have lost our babies in different ways and had different experiences within our pregnancies, the struggle of loosing our children is the same. I really have to thank my cousin and her husband for sharing their story of loss with us and my husband for agreeing to do this as well. I really hope that we can help someone out there.

Week 26 Recap: Hospitalized For Influenza

It's been extra quiet around here. The lack of posts this week was due to my hospitalization for influenza. I'm finally home now and am doing much better, though very congested and low on energy. I have the best husband ever who spent every night in the hospital with me and I have to of course let you know that Baby Grey is doing great. Despite being sick, it wasn't all bad. My hospital was so amazing, the nurses took such great care of me and room service was on point. I tried to think of it as a little vacation more than anything else - my family couldn't understand why I wasn't ready to go home lol. This is the same hospital where I'd already planned on having the baby, so now I'm actually looking forward to going back - I can't wait to see my nurses again. Thank you to everyone to sent well wishes via twitter, facebook and email. If I haven't responded to you as yet, please give me a little more time. 

- Woke up to my pillow and myself completely drenched in sweat
- At home thermometer said my temperature was 100.4
- Went to the ER were I was informed that I was actually running a fever of 102.9
- I had blood taken for blood work, was hooked up to the IV as well as the heart monitor and to oxygen
- My heart rate was 134 instead of a normal 100 (for pregnant women)
- I had to do a chest exam to make sure that I nothing was wrong with my lungs. Because my heart rate was so high they had to go an extra step to make sure that it was just the fever causing it as opposed to a lung  infection or pheumonia
- Listened to baby on the doppler to make sure that he was ok. His heart rate was a little high because of my fever, but nothing to be alarmed about
- After about 8 hours I was transferred to Labor & Delivery where I was put on a machine to monitor the Baby for 30 minutes
- Around 10pm I was told that I wasn't allowed to go home, and was taken to my own room sometime later

- Fever was still high but my appetite finally returned a little - I was able to eat most of my meals (the only thing I ate on Monday was graham crackers with peanut butter) 
- Cousin Kim, her Manfriend (lol) and Cousin Jan came to visit me! The 4 of us watched the Jamie Foxx Show together and they made me laugh so much, which made me go into coughing spells more than anything else. The nurse took my temperature while they were there, and my temperature actually dropped to 99 point something. That was my 1st time it went below 100. Unfortunately, soon after they left I started shivering again and my fever shot back up to around 101. 

- I began sweating early in the morning which was a sign that my fever was breaking thank goodness.
- My fever went away but the doctor wanted to keep me for an extra 24 hours for observation of myself and Grey
- I was able to get taken off the IV
- My fever stayed down during the day but spiked up that night (I was told is normal)

- The fever went back down and stayed down
- My husband brought over the 17-P Injection the night before so that my nurse was able to keep me on schedule with that medication
- I was given my discharge papers, prescriptions and taken home by Cousin Kimi in the afternoon

I'm continuing to take the flu medication to keep the fever at bay in addition to the cough medication I was on. I was coughing so bad on the first day that they were concerned about me going into preterm labor from my water breaking. It's calmed down since then, so that I just have to take it as needed. I'm also anemic again due to the pregnancy (as I was with Jolie) - so I'm on an Iron medication as well. If you're wondering about the mask, I had to keep it on because I was coughing and contagious. It wouldn't be good if I passed on the flu to the staff, my cousins or my Hubby.

Be safe this weekend my loves + stay away from sick people. I'm going back to bed.

WEEK 26 // Breastfeeding Class, Cribs and Other Things

Yesterday I attended breastfeeding class and had the time of my life. No, I don't think it was intended to be so much fun, but I was in Heaven. Who gets this excited about breastfeeding, seriously? We watched a video, were educated on learning your baby's hunger signs, approximately how often to feed, latching techniques, how to wake the baby up for feedings if they've been napping too long, etc. I left there beyond informed! There were a few things that I had no idea about or had just been extremely misinformed about it. The class certainly helped me as I was the nerd who excitedly raised my hand to answer every single question, correctly might I add, ha! If you follow me on Twitter, you know about my random bursts of tears that has been happening lately. They also came as I was watching the video in class, lol. I kept thinking about breastfeeding my baby and just started crying. I must be stopped. Actually anytime I picture Grey at all, I just start crying...happy tears. 

Despite how excited I am to begin the challenge of breastfeeding, I'm definitely not a breastfeeding nazi. Every mother should be able to choose what works best for their family, and shouldn't be made to feel guilty if they choose not to or have a difficult time breastfeeding. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be our version of what we perceive to be "a good mom" - we don't need pressure from anyone else telling us what we must do. While I'm personally passionate about being able to breastfeed my child, I will not be that mom who looks down on another woman who chooses formula. 

That being said, I decided not to give Grey pacifiers in hopes not to cause nipple confusion and other issues that may arise. I'm planning to not give him a bottle for the first month of so, but eventually, I'm sure I'll pump so that my husband can help with night time feedings. I've chosen the Tommee Tippee bottles as they're said to have the closest shape and feel to a mothers nipple 

I've also decided that I don't want visitors at the hospital. I know that everyone is going to be excited to see Grey, but I want to wait until he gets home before he meets everybody. I want to spend those few days in the hospital getting my breastfeeding technique down as much as possible and just bonding with him while getting used to now being a family of 3. I know it's going to be a lot of take in those first few days and I just don't want to be overwhelmed more than I'll already be. 

In other baby related news, the crib I've set my heart on decides to be out of stock when I'm ready to buy it. Of course! 

The baby shower is only a month away! I'm still trying to figure out where time is going. I've nailed down the centerpiece idea with my sister, but I still need to secure a helium tank and the favors, in addition to figuring out what I'm going to wear. The dreaded RSVP's weren't as bad since it's not going to be a big group of people. I did have to track down a few people in order to give the venue the correct headcount so that we'll know how much the event is going to cost us as we have to pay per person. 

Randomly, my fingers have been hurting over the past few days. I did a little research and realized that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is common during pregnancy. Ugh! Sometimes they're numb...sometimes they hurt...it's certainly not a good time. 

As far as Grey, he's finally kicking hard enough for his dad to feel him now - Hubby has been having a great time with that. However, sometimes the kid will continuously kick me on my bladder and then I have to run to bathroom (thanks dude). I plan to get our bedroom set up for him once the shower is over and I see what I have left to buy. At this point, I haven't purchased a single item for Grey but that was mainly out of fear more so than procrastination. Speaking of what to buy, my Big Sister is going to completely do my registry over this weekend as it's not up to her standards lol. She kept asking me if I had this or that and I was like having someone talk to me in a different language. I asked her if she could just do it over for me, and oddly enough she was very excited about the opportunity, lol. Sounds good to me!!!

And in case you needed to know...I've spotted two stretch marks on my belly...HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

VIDEO: Girl Talk (part 2) w/ Me, CharyJay, DearNatural62 + FloridaNatural83

VIDEO: Girl Talk (part 1) with CharyJay, DearNatural62, FloridaNatural83 + Me !!!

After the Naturals In The Sun 1st Anniversary Event, some of us kept the party going with dinner and then a little girl talk before I called it a night. We kept joking about me being up way past my 8pm bedtime, but I was having too much fun to leave. Here's part 1 of our chat that Chary filmed for her channel! Thanks again Chary for inviting me to be apart of the video and Amber & DearNatural, you two are the best! 

CharyJay // youtube | blog
Florida Natural // youtube | blog
DearNatural62 // youtube 

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