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When I was pregnant and living in NYC, I told myself that needed to be living in Florida by the time Jolie was ready for school. I dreamt of us owning a decent sized home with a good sized yard for her to play and things like that just don't happen in the city. I ended up in Florida - minus Jolie - but now Grey is here, and I haven't worked full time since getting pregnant with him. Over the past few months I began applying for full time positions only to have a constant flow of rejection letters in my inbox. To be honest though, I can barely find anything to apply for here and have been applying for jobs back in Manhattan as well. I know - it seems like I'm always moving. I'm not planning a move per se, but if I were to land one of these positions that I've built up in my head to be my dream jobs (that all so happen to be in the city) I'd be willing to relocate to pursue the career that I've dreamt about for years. Things would be different now as I've never lived in New York with a baby. This would involve strollers and stairs in the subway, smaller living quarters and getting creative with entertainment when the temperature drops - all the things I never wanted to do the first time I was with child. Now the thought doesn't seem so bad. Other moms do it everyday! While I don't know if I'll ever hear from these places, here or up there, I do know that change is coming. Good breakthrough...because it has to happen. Like I said however, I'm giving myself a deadline with these applications and then it's on to Plan B.
While I'm in limbo, be sure to check out the blogs of some of my favorite city mamas:



LaToya LouisvilleSlugger said...

Although I know you want to be working (I was the same way), I hope you are also enjoying the time that you get to be a full time mom!

I started working full time when Zoe was 10 months and I miss it... now I feel like I'm always too tired to do extra things!

Brown English Muffin said...

Would you have to live in the city??

I still get to enjoy NYC without living in the heart of the city....

No small living quarters or diminishing activities due to weather...but then in my head every days a party! LOL


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